Victim of Domestic Violence? In an Abusive Marriage?

Are you a woman who is divorced, separated, or widowed, and owe the IRS for your husband's IRS debts?  Did your husband force you to sign income tax returns? Did your husband (or ex-) earn all or most of the income, and you filed married filing joointly?

In all of the above and similar circumstances, you may qualify for "IRS Innocent Spouse Relief.'

The IRS has recently made it easier for a woman to apply for 'IRS Innocent Spouse Relief.'

If you have been physically, or psychologically abused by a current or former spouse, or you stayed home with children, and now owe the IRS for joint income taxes, you may qualify for the 'IRS Innocent Spouse Relief' program.

I have represented several women who were determined to be an 'innocent spouse' and the IRS abated thousand's ($1,000's) of dollars in taxes, penalties, and interest!

As with any IRS program, it is in your interest to hire a professional, like myself, with the knowledge, skills, and abilities, to represent you.

If you are in an abusive married relationship, and owe the IRS, please call me at 702-589-7557 to schedule an office consultation.