Clients' security, privacy, and confidentiality.

My office is located inside the executive suites, Intelligent Office.  Intelligent Office has security cameras in the office public space.  My office door has a lock, and I keep all of my clients' paper files and documents in locked filing cabinets.

For my daily work I use a 27" Apple IMAC.  I access the internet through a very fast wired connection, rather than through Wi-Fi.

I use both Apple's Safari and Google's Chrome to access  I check on a daily basis to ensure I have the latest Apple updates.

Several times during the day I delete and clear all history items from these two browsers.

Throughout the day as I receive and read emails, I then delete to the trash folder.  I empty and delete the trash folder several times during the day.

I use a HP printer and ensure I have the most current version.

All client paper documents which I no longer need are shredded.

In summary the focus of my IRS professional representation is to protect the privacy and confidentiality of my clients.

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