2015 IRS Filing Season Problems

On March 10, 2015, Bloomberg Business, published an article by Ben Steverman titled: This Year's Tax Season Really Is the Worst.  For more specifics please read the entire article avalilable on-line.

Mr. Steverman cited several issues why this 2015 tax filing period has been more difficult than prior years.

The first item cited by Mr. Steverman is in regard to the Affordable Care Act (ACT), a/k/a 'Obamacare'.  Accordomg to H & R Block statistics cited by Mr. Steverman, approximately 3.5 million taxpayers had reduced refunds, due to the ACA.

The second item cited by Mr. Steverman concerns increased tax fraud.  As has been noted in numerous news articles in 2015, TurboTax has been targeted by identity thieves.

The third item cited by Mr. Steverman is in regard to IRS' reduced budget.  Numerous other news articles have also described the reduction in IRS staffing over the past several years, and the increased telephone wait times.

The final item by Mr. Steveman discusses fewer tax returns filed year-to-date, compared to previous tax filing seasons.  According to the IRS approximately 330,00 fewer returns have been filed year-to-date, compared to this time last year.

In summary, as an Enrolled Agent, and member of the National Association of Enrolled Agents, I can help you with your IRS problems.

Please call me at 702-589-7557.

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