'High Alert' for Tax Scams

The Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administratin (TIGTA) is urging taxpayers to be on alert for a massive telephone frauad scam being committed by criminals impersonatin IRS employees.

TIGTA has received almost one million reports since October, 2013 of criminals impersonating IRS employees.

TIGTA states: "If someone unexpectedly calls claming to be from the IRS and uses threatening language if you do not pay immediately, that is a sign that it is not the IRS calling, and your cue to hang up."

If you receive a threatening scam email forward to

IRS is unaware of other unrelated scams that also claim to be from the IRS.

If you have unfiled income tax returns, and/or unpaid IRS taxes, please call me at 702-749-6289, for tax preparation and IRS representation.

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