'New' IRS Form 656 Booklet, Offer in Compromise

The IRS has issued a new Form 656 Booklet, Offer in Compromise, with a Revision Date of 01-2015.

All previous versions of the Form 656 Booklet are now null and void.  

Starting on 01-01-2015 the IRS will only accept the Form 656 with (Rev. January 2015).

The Offer in Comrpomise application fee remains at $186, the same as 2014.

According to the most recent statistics released by IRS for the fiscal year ending 09-30-2013, the IRS received 69,675 offers, and accepted 30,839.

I have the knowledge, experience, skills,and sucess to represent you and/or your business in the very long OIC application and Appeals process.

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